About Keith

Keith Galliher Jr. is a recording artist based in Las Vegas, NV. He began his recording career in 2008 and, since that time, has 96 Award Winning songs. 16 Award Winning albums. 26 #1 songs on XR Stations throughout the world. 2016 Master Pop Artist of The Year. 2018 Americana Artist Of The Year. 2019 Funk Fusion Artist of The Year. 2021 Pop Artist of The Year.2019 Akademia Executive Award. 2020 Artist Vision Award. 2021 Rising Star Award. 2022 Outstanding Legacy Award. His songs cover multiple genres including Pop, Rock, Soul, R&B, RockaBilly, Reggae, Electronica Dance, Funk Fusion, Americana and Country. This website displays the entirety of his music to date.​

You’re invited to listen to portions of his recorded songs to get a flavor for what has been done to date.​

Here are the some of the comments from the industry concerning Keith’s music:​

“A world-class local talent and strong instrumental backing are particularly crucial in R&B, and Keith Galliher Jr. feel like the next big thing in his genre. This Smooth-as-Silk album has all the credentials required” (Hodge Podge)

“All 10 songs in “Teddy’s Songs” are beautifully interpreted creations with impressive production qualities that insure Keith Galliher Jr.’s astonishing vocal prowess isn’t stunted by less-than-optimal handling”​

“Hodge Podge 2 is infused with a constantly discernable artistic tension-the kind that compels most great Pop music-and Keith Galliher Jr.’s astonishing vocals and instrumental arrangements yield a wonderfully balanced and inspired result”​

“We are by now well familiar with Keith Galliher Jr.’s astounding vocal talent and “Two Paths” furnishes some of his best material to date. Anyone who hasn’t heard this man sing needs to make time now for the experience”​

Keith’s talents have won many accolades including Master Pop Artist of the Year-2016, Americana Artist of the Year-2018 and Funk Fusion Artist of the Year-2019.​

Keith’s recording career continues and this website with be supplemented by new songs recorded by Keith and his team as they are available.​

Thank you for listening!